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Hi, welcome to  You've reached the home page of our family.  Not much in the way of a website at the moment, but it's hosting our email and sharepoint site.  We've also got it set up for instant messaging and all that cool stuff.

If I can talk the kids into updating the website we'll put stuff here in the future.  In the meantime, send me an email if you have questions or are looking for someone

Office 365
I've gotta say - Office 365 (the "P1" plan, which includes Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online, Lync Online, the Office Web Apps, and this website) is a pretty cool solution.  It's $6 a month.  What do I like the most? Our data is online and available regardless of which device we use to access it - whether that be a work machine, a goof-off laptop,a  phone, etc.  It's pretty cool.  If you're interested in Office 365 take a look at this link.